Why Aren’t You Being You? Three Reasons You’re Stuck.


1) There are too many “next steps” and can’t decide which one.
2) Part of you is afraid of doing it.
3) You haven’t named the actual goal.

Here’s what I’m trying to get across: things that you WANT to do, or especially ACHIEVE, are the Real You.  That’s where the impulse starts.  We get sidetracked (oh yeah, I do too, like everyone else, and have to find my way out) by our complex brain.  But we can get it on track with some easy steps…..

Be Yourself
….simple example: I was talking to a friend who wants to do triathlons but can’t get beyond just starting up.  The next step would take her to realize that she actually can do it;  she runs, bikes, and swims right now but just can’t get to the next place.
There were too many next steps. 
She was trying to decide between what would she wear at a race,  which shoes for running or biking in an actual race, how she would be able to register for a race, what time to get there, and on and on; too many things.  Really, there’s only one thing….find a race that’s good for first-timers and do it.   Go online and register for the race; it’s simple.  Then wear the shoes and clothes you use now….maybe pick up something from your local race store if you want to.  But do one of those things at a time.  Make a list and just aim for the goal of getting to that race and doing it.   I’ll help you with the list.
Next, get over yourself about being afraid.
You’ve already done the hard part; being able to swim, bike and run and not fall down.  You’re a regular person, and so is everyone else in the race and there will be lots of first timers, just like you.
Last of all, you’ve made the goal too complicated.
All of those first-step things I talked about (shoes, clothes, which race, blah, blah) are not the goal.  The simple goal is just to do a particular race. Once that’s decided it’s pretty easy….put one foot in front of the other and get things done.
Anything you want to do is like that.  Decide what it is; it might only be three words long.  The Real You is the one that wants that to happen and will make it happen.   The rest is doing the little things one at a time that take you there…there aren’t that many moving parts to all that.
Getting up in the morning and going to work has many more concerns, so something you want to do is a piece-o-cake and it’s really Being Yourself!

Now go and do it!   Cheers!