I know what it’s like to have limited training time; with a full time job, a partner in running a bed and breakfast, as well as my training business and doing training sessions to improve my standing as a triathlete.

So that you can get the most bang-for-your-buck each session will have a particular strategy. Like me, most people’s time is limited, so focus on the type of workout rather than numbly ‘going the distance’ and filling out the time.

A focused workout means the difference between getting better or staying the same. Doing focused training or exercise 3, 4 or ten hours per week can be either somewhat useless or hugely beneficial to improving your situation.

So when we first meet we talk about where you want to be, what your life is like right now, restraints, and any other conditions, so that you can get the most bang-for-the-buck from your training time and also have a life!  Shoot me an email (; we can talk about what you want to do and sign up for my newsletter for general training tips and inspiration.