Use It Or Lose It

I know it's impossible to use everything all the time while under the watchful eye of The Gatekeeper of Capabilities.  That guy that determines whether we're in shape to do number crunching, marketing, or running is always pulling out one of our capabilities if we ignore it. … [Read more...]

Keep the Feel-Good-Meter Needle in the Red

Sometimes I think all I need is another achievement.  Not that I've PLANNED that, but my "Feel-Good-Meter" gets a kick every time a new goal, no matter how small, is finished.  At a seminar one time, the speaker said "You can't move on until the unfinished stuff is completed."  Very cool, and sometimes very hard to define.   How many unfinished things?   Which ones?  The big … [Read more...]

A Very Short History

Everyone should have the confidence to know that they can accomplish whatever it is they want to do.  I had a bunch of confidence to just go ahead and do whatever.....some things I was mediocre or terrible at doing, but other things turned out OK:  Hot Rodder, Electrical Engineer, NASA Research Scientist, Biophysics/Nuclear Physics/Public Health, Theatre Arts /Actor, TV Station … [Read more...]

Tango is a Four Letter Word

At least, Tango WAS a four letter word at times; the way some people viewed rock and roll in the 50s.  I like moving to Argentine or Uruguayan tango; bodies pressed closely together, like in Buenos Aires when it was reborn in the 40s and 50s. But the roots seem to come out of the pain and suffering of the oppressed and poor of some of the countries in South America; the music … [Read more...]

You Don’t Need to DO ANYTHING!

Although Spring symbolizes a lot; all the rebirth and everything, it's happening all the time anyway.  Sometimes we have  trouble letting go, stepping outside our comfort zone and hoping that the trust built up over the years in [God?, the Universe?, Karma?] will carry us through the worst times after we get honest.  Often I even wonder if a parallel universe of some kind … [Read more...]