Corporate-Speak is Good For Muscles and Brains

Corporate speak: "multiplex your issues to create a sequential effort". What!!?? It's TERRIBLE in marketing; it's terrible for boardroom because it enables fearful people to avoid speaking the truth.   This picture, from "The Relationship Economy" only leaves out that it is actually useful: in Training! .... and it applies to the Body as well as the Brain as I will … [Read more...]

Five Cardinal Mental Skills to Winning

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) advocates a mental skills model, the "emergence of mind-body practice .... into a holistic conceptualization of health and well-being".  This approach to Sport Psychology is more than a mental construct, but rather an integrated approach to higher goals in everything from diet through exercise through greater achievement in sports … [Read more...]

We Have an Auxiliary Heart? Who Knew?

I didn't know I had an Auxiliary Powerful Pump working for me besides my heart. Thanks for the info, Jack!!   Good thing I've been keeping it in good shape, thanks to Holly, MY coach!! DrJack Barnathan (the muscles man), is completely engaging and teaches how muscles work, what 'fitness' really means, and how your life changes when you understand your own body.  Here is an … [Read more...]

Sitting is the New Smoking

The last couple of years this health headline has been going around; that no matter what else you do, sitting for a certain number of hours per day will do bad things to your overall health. We know that exercise and diet are really important as far as keeping us healthy, but it’s only recently that SITTING has become a big and real health issue.  A number of studies have … [Read more...]

Why We Watch Sports

There’s a connection to life here; I heard an NPR announcer say “We watch sports because it brings joy to life”. For me, I’m a triathlete probably because the challenge is a basic life force, which is a joy to experience. We no longer have to chase and kill animals to eat or to survive long hours in adverse conditions gathering food for survival, but that part of us in our … [Read more...]

The Winter Virus and Fitness Training

As the Old Guy age grouper I run into my various threshold/crossover/tipping points more quickly than if I was 29 years old.  In a way this is good medicine; it’s like being a canary in a coal mine and I can relay my experiences to younger triathletes who might not have had the experience and it helps me to better train my athletes. The most recent is the famous Christmas … [Read more...]

Run Training Made Simple

I’d read an article by Jason Karp that reminded me that I like to think of three types of run workouts: Slow, Tempo, and Anerobic.  And often self-trained athletes (sometimes even coached athletes) will run these assignments either too slow or too fast.  What difference, you say…?   Well, you can, of course, get ‘better’ by just going out and running but tuning the engine at … [Read more...]

It’s Easier to Say “Just Stand Up”

A Facebook post by a friend about Richard Branson's story is a good reality check for everyone.  Branson's success is based on somthing similar to "not knowing anything about what you're about to do".  He just got an idea and went into it swinging; some of the time it worked.  Not that it worked IMMEDIATELY, but after the on-the-job learning curve the idea pretty … [Read more...]


There’s a kind of repulsion I feel when I hear someone talking about being authentic.  It seems to invite a kind of overly sincere and wide-eyed “you-can-trust-what-I’m-saying because I’m so real” response.  Maybe that’s just my reaction for having lived through the “truth decade” of the 70s, which wasn’t really all that much truthiness, when all is said and done. But I’ve … [Read more...]


The etymology of the word passion comes from Latin pati, meaning to suffer. How appropriate!  The positive aspects of suffering seem to appeal to people when they start training for multisport endurance races.  The importance of suffering, to the new athletes, seems to rank higher than using metrics for performance improvement so we tend to ignore the real science of … [Read more...]