Don’t Let Your Bones Get Soft (5 Reasons for Strength Training)

It's true....about your bones, I mean, as we age; this can start as early as age 40. Doing exercises that involve 'kind of heavy things' will likely improve your quality of life. Here are some of the basic reasons in a great article by Sara Fleming, an ISSA trainer, that explains why this is so. ( #1 - Right now, you probably don’t have enough muscle … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t You Being You? Three Reasons You’re Stuck.

1) There are too many "next steps" and can't decide which one. 2) Part of you is afraid of doing it. 3) You haven't named the actual goal. Here's what I'm trying to get across: things that you WANT to do, or especially ACHIEVE, are the Real You.  That's where the impulse starts.  We get sidetracked (oh yeah, I do too, like everyone else, and have to find my way out) by … [Read more...]


It's as old as the hills: "Just say NO to your negative thoughts." How obvious, yawn. But these little nattering, negativities actually seem to take up space in the living room of your mind. I've lived a pretty long, healthy life so far, with the usual amount of naysayers living … [Read more...]


From the late 20s on, you will lose about 1% of that part of the brain that is key to memory and certain types of learning. One of the easiest ways to get smarter is to go for a walk or a swim, according to a number of studies just recently. In fact, exercise seems to keep the brain from shrinking and to help its neurons to function better than 'thinking' does. I have as much … [Read more...]

Coach For The Unexpected Because Oh-Oh.

I have a friend who meditates and visualizes his whole day in the morning.   I do the same thing before a race….the day before and in the morning just before it starts.  The brain is quite capable of creating a nice flow and even can fill in the blank spaces that will show up unannounced beforehand so the day will seem to progress rather smoothly. Then comes those times … [Read more...]

One Thing That Improved My Run Speed

I saw this article about run speed, aging, and muscle reactions in the New York Times. What do they know about this stuff, anyway? I want to run faster so I jumped into the article. Ok; summary. A NIH publication in the '80s lead to a study at Wake Forest and US Army regarding aging, muscle kinetics, running, and strength. Using runners from their '20s up through the late … [Read more...]

Pickle Juice: The Pain and The Brain

It reduces CRAMPS in 15 seconds.  That's it. Period. Unless it doesn't.   Picture from is a reminder of how muscle cramps feel.   Been there, right? This whole pickle juice thing is old news to some but here's the story anyway. … [Read more...]

Improving My Open Water Swim Training

Make your open water swim easier, make it better. You need to have a PLAN when you do your open water swim training. Too often I just get in, swim a kind of "long time", planless and clueless, and then get out of the water. I do this because usually I follow my coach's highly structured pool workout, which, … [Read more...]

Everyone is Afraid (of getting hurt)

  OK, lets look at this a bit differently, then.  Ready?....Dwell on this for twenty seconds: You always itch somewhere.   (waiting) it?  Sorry to make you aware of your itches but it was necessary to get on with the subject on hand. Now about this Afraid’s always there a little bit; anxiety floating around in your sub-conscious.  It's not a … [Read more...]

Avoid Knee Injury; Proper Bike Pedalling

This simple video demonstration of how varying your pedal speed can affect your overall performance on the bike. There is a sort of "best" pedal rotation speed that won't hurt your knees (on the low pedal speed end) or make more work for your cardio system at the high pedal speed end.  Shifting gears to maintain the magic number of 85 pedal rotations per … [Read more...]