DIETS DON’T WORK (actually, they do…)

It's not often I directly reference a diet article, but this was a simple and obvious: Why do weight-loss programs fail?...which they seem to do quite often. One client [of John Berardi, fitness and diet coach for several Olympic programs, in an ISSA article] tried low-carb, then low-fat, and finally, balanced macronutrient diets with the same result each time; he lost … [Read more...]

5 Keys for Successful Triathletes (How I do/don’t do on that list)

     Being really good at something really tests whether I've got the stuff. It's never a walk in the park....and occasionally it's a bit like whistling past the graveyard. In coaching triathletes, I can honestly only expect from someone no more effort than I'm willing to exert myself. So this great article in Triathlon Magazine by Ben Griffin pretty well lays out the simple … [Read more...]


Referring to brain size. As you exercise more, various parts of your brain actually grow, sizewise, and including increased ability to perform their function(s). (from an extremely well referenced ISSA article by Alexander Van Houten) Take, for instance, the cerebellum; only about ten percent of the brain, yet contains more than half of all the brain neurons. The biggest … [Read more...]


Depending on your individual needs I will spend more time on one area than another when first you start to train for an endurance sport. Whether Endurance (increasing your oxygen capabilities), Speed (I mean burst speed, here), Strength Training, Flexibility, and Balance; and not necessarily in that order, but close, and may vary for the individual. The importance of each … [Read more...]


I said there is no "off season" for triathlon training, although I'm kind of lying. There is a time where your training differs somewhat from what would be "in-season" training which, depending on where you live in the country, might start anytime between February and April, I suppose.   Regular seasonal training usually involves "periodization", where your training … [Read more...]

Keep Your Muscles As You Get Older!

You CAN keep and gain muscle mass over 40, and well into your 70s and look like a million bucks!    Straight off the bat, as a shockeroo, from an article in, here are some MRIs of triathletes and a sedentary person's upper legs, a 40 years old triathlete's upper legs , and a 70 year old triathlete...whoa, the sedentary person has not very much muscle and quite a … [Read more...]


You've probably noticed that when your legs feel strong, you feel better. My doctor first talked to me about leg strength and the important of proper leg position while doing squats when I mentioned that I'm a triathlete. She told me to keep my knees directly over my feet when doing squats so that they don't drift to the inside. I began to wonder about [older] tennis players … [Read more...]

THE JACKRABBIT (because faster, stronger, living longer)

Lifting heavier weights, for both men and women, ....has been shown to be the most effective way for people trying to lose weight, as opposed to longer bouts of aerobic activity such as jogging, walking, etc. Will improve your racing performance, if that's your bag (it’s mine, besides staying alive for a lot longer!).   And here are some other, really … [Read more...]

Dang it! Caught Me Walking!

You never see a guy "walking" for exercise, right? There's a solid reason for that; we're afraid someone will see us [not running]. It's especially true if you're a runner or some kind of endurance nut. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions and probably people will laugh at me about this but I'm coming clean. Today I had a run workout assigned but I had some sore … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Bones Get Soft (5 Reasons for Strength Training)

It's true....about your bones, I mean, as we age; this can start as early as age 40. Doing exercises that involve 'kind of heavy things' will likely improve your quality of life. Here are some of the basic reasons in a great article by Sara Fleming, an ISSA trainer, that explains why this is so. ( #1 - Right now, you probably don’t have enough muscle … [Read more...]