Feel Better… Live Longer


Maybe you’re already a senior or older adult runner, biker, or swimmer and just want to “get faster” or “make podium”;….or simply get in shape to improve your lifestyle and look and feel better…maybe you’ll start slowly like you’ve planned…?

Give me a holler (I’m in the neighborhood), Certified Fitness Trainer and USAT Triathlon Coach.

Sometimes seniors are vulnerable to ”age-i-ness”, where mood, self-image, and overall health affect your whole life.  Exercise changes those things, rather quickly; so you’re more energetic and “younger”, so you can brag to your friends, “I just ran the Peachtree!”,  or “Look at my arms”.  I’ll help you finally get around to it, or start that ‘thing’ you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

More to the point…. a British Medical Journal (BMJ) Study  reviewed a third of a million people and found diabetes (Type II), heart attacks, strokes are often more effectively treated by exercise than by medicine by looking at outcomes of treatment, with less emphasis on lab values  (cholesterol, blood pressure, urinalysis, and physical examinations)  and more emphasis on “Get Off Your Butt And Move!”.   So get off your butt with Last Chance Fitness!