It’s Easier to Say “Just Stand Up”


A Facebook post by a friend about Richard Branson’s story is a good reality check for everyone.  Branson’s success is based on somthing similar to “not knowing anything about what you’re about to do”.  He just got an idea and went into it swinging; some of the time it worked.  Not that it worked IMMEDIATELY, but after the on-the-job learning curve the idea prettyGuy Getting Up much went into gear.

That’s the meat I wanted to make clear in this post: There are many times when we feel like “I’m just not reeaaady”, whining like a child who doesn’t want to go to bed.  But you know what?….You ARE ready; you will have an on-the-job learning curve, but if you use the tenacity you already have (which, for most of you guys, is SERIOUS tenacity since you probably already work damned hard) doubts and lack of confidence disappear when you actually start doing the work and you’ll learn how to do what you’re doing.  I think it works somewhat like this: you have this God-given brain and body that actually respond when you stand up and begin moving, I mean physically.  I can’t explain why, exactly, but I know that fear tends to be replaced with focus in order to just do the next small thing toward the overall goal.

Here’s a random example from my own life:  I needed to go over to my rental place and work on getting it ready to sell.  There were so many things to be done….I was looking at the end result which was putting the place up for sale.  That’s so much work with so many moving parts….I’d never be able to do it.   Once I stood up (body/brain again) got some stuff together and headed on over, I was already halfway through the first task.  When you sit (body still) and think about doing something it’s just your fearful-old-self-brain.

The same thing applies to finishing an olympic triathlon, doing your first 5k, getting a body you don’t want to hide, whatever.

It’s so easy to say “Just do it” but it’s easier to “Just stand up” or “Just get up”, it’s a free Kick Starter!

START doing it, that’s all the impetus you need to finish the job, because you already Have The Stuff!  You were born with knowing what to do next after that first step.