From the late 20s on, you will lose about 1% of that part of the brain that is key to memory and certain types of learning. One of the easiest ways to get smarter is to go for a walk or a swim, according to a number of studies just recently. In fact, exercise seems to keep the brain from shrinking and to help its neurons to function better than 'thinking' does. I have as much … [Read more...]

Sitting is the New Smoking

The last couple of years this health headline has been going around; that no matter what else you do, sitting for a certain number of hours per day will do bad things to your overall health. We know that exercise and diet are really important as far as keeping us healthy, but it’s only recently that SITTING has become a big and real health issue.  A number of studies have … [Read more...]


It took two events to wake me up to people getting injured as they age and some ways to prevent injuries from happening, especially to athletes. Time number one was my going to a chiropractor clinic that specializes in triathletes, runners, and sports enthusiasts when I had a illiotibial band problem. A couple guys worked on me, stretched some things, and lo! I was well. … [Read more...]