It's as old as the hills: "Just say NO to your negative thoughts." How obvious, yawn. But these little nattering, negativities actually seem to take up space in the living room of your mind. I've lived a pretty long, healthy life so far, with the usual amount of naysayers living … [Read more...]

Everyone is Afraid (of getting hurt)

  OK, lets look at this a bit differently, then.  Ready?....Dwell on this for twenty seconds: You always itch somewhere.   (waiting) it?  Sorry to make you aware of your itches but it was necessary to get on with the subject on hand. Now about this Afraid’s always there a little bit; anxiety floating around in your sub-conscious.  It's not a … [Read more...]

Avoid Knee Injury; Proper Bike Pedalling

This simple video demonstration of how varying your pedal speed can affect your overall performance on the bike. There is a sort of "best" pedal rotation speed that won't hurt your knees (on the low pedal speed end) or make more work for your cardio system at the high pedal speed end.  Shifting gears to maintain the magic number of 85 pedal rotations per … [Read more...]

Corporate-Speak is Good For Muscles and Brains

Corporate speak: "multiplex your issues to create a sequential effort". What!!?? It's TERRIBLE in marketing; it's terrible for boardroom because it enables fearful people to avoid speaking the truth.   This picture, from "The Relationship Economy" only leaves out that it is actually useful: in Training! .... and it applies to the Body as well as the Brain as I will … [Read more...]

We Have an Auxiliary Heart? Who Knew?

I didn't know I had an Auxiliary Powerful Pump working for me besides my heart. Thanks for the info, Jack!!   Good thing I've been keeping it in good shape, thanks to Holly, MY coach!! DrJack Barnathan (the muscles man), is completely engaging and teaches how muscles work, what 'fitness' really means, and how your life changes when you understand your own body.  Here is an … [Read more...]


It took two events to wake me up to people getting injured as they age and some ways to prevent injuries from happening, especially to athletes. Time number one was my going to a chiropractor clinic that specializes in triathletes, runners, and sports enthusiasts when I had a illiotibial band problem. A couple guys worked on me, stretched some things, and lo! I was well. … [Read more...]


Realization a few years ago: It didn't matter which choices I made, I would've ended up in about the same situation; the same relative health, happiness, and all the other stuff.   I think this might have been one of those "coming of age" things for me, where all the accumulated life experience, to this point, occasionally congeals into some little brain explosion. Now that … [Read more...]

Trust Your Gut!

I know, easy to say; sometimes hard to know where your "signals" are really originating.  Intuition guided our predecessors' survival long, long ago: fight or flight, am I going to be eaten or will it provide me a meal, big winter or easy hunting?   Today's situation is similar but we can tune into different signals that are drowning in modern background noise of a thousand … [Read more...]

Your Unlimited Potential

I was filling out a questionnaire the other day for a specialized training program where I work and realized that I've become a much larger person than I thought.....not in the waistline, but in the range of things I can do.  That reassessment of "who I am" is triggered, oh, every five or six years, when I begin to wonder what I'm going to do for income in the unknown future. … [Read more...]

My Life Broke: RickRolled.

Don't increase random badness by bad choices; the random stuff is plenty.  I'll get to that at the end. That's a car battery.   Simple as that.  It could've been anything.....alarm clock, broken water heater, drain clogged, or something 'serious' like appendix rupture or more serious like your life partner announcing she's [he's] leaving. … [Read more...]