About Duane Solem

A rural area, near the headwaters of a trout-stream, was an ideal place to learn the rhythm of nature while I was growing up.  My parents grew most of their own food on a few acres of land and were advocates of organic gardening and exercise (we called it “work”) in the outdoors. Both of my parents lived long fruitful lives; my father lived until 102, quite active even at 100 years old!

I’d always been interested in technology, medicine, and biology so I became an engineer, working in the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, building medical instrumentation, and went to work for NASA as a Research Scientist.  Later I went back to school for a degree in Public Health and Biophysics and worked in the Public Health Service.  During this time, and pretty much my whole life, I’ve maintained a high interest in health, exercise, because my mother always told me: “You’ve got to do it yourself.  You can’t blame anyone else if you’re not what you want to be” (parents are always  good for quotable sayings),

I’m a Fitness Trainer, Triathlon Coach, Engineer, Biophysicist, Actor (BA in Theatre Arts), with a desire to make a healthier life and lifestyle for everyone.  I’m here to help you; what do you want to accomplish this year?