Feel Better… Live Longer

Maybe you're already a senior or older adult runner, biker, or swimmer and just want to "get faster" or "make podium";....or simply get in shape to improve your lifestyle and look and feel better...maybe you'll start slowly like you've planned…? Give me a holler (I'm in the neighborhood), Certified Fitness Trainer and USAT Triathlon Coach. Sometimes seniors … Continue Reading

Getting Fit After 50

sitting is the new smoking

Sitting is the New Smoking

The last couple of years this health headline has been going around; that no matter what else you do, sitting for a certain number of hours per day will do bad things to your overall health. We know that exercise and diet are really important as far as keeping us healthy, but it’s only recently that SITTING has become a big and real health issue.  A … Continue Reading

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Dang it! Caught Me Walking!

You never see a guy "walking" for exercise, right? There's a solid reason for that; we're afraid someone will see us [not running]. It's especially true if you're a runner or some kind of endurance nut. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions and probably people will laugh at me about this but I'm coming clean. Today I had a run workout assigned but I had … Continue Reading


Don’t Let Your Bones Get Soft (5 Reasons for Strength Training)

It's true....about your bones, I mean, as we age; this can start as early as age 40. Doing exercises that involve 'kind of heavy things' will likely improve your quality of life. Here are some of the basic reasons in a great article by Sara Fleming, an ISSA trainer, that explains why this is so. ( #1 - Right now, you probably don’t … Continue Reading

Be Yourself

Why Aren’t You Being You? Three Reasons You’re Stuck.

1) There are too many "next steps" and can't decide which one. 2) Part of you is afraid of doing it. 3) You haven't named the actual goal. Here's what I'm trying to get across: things that you WANT to do, or especially ACHIEVE, are the Real You.  That's where the impulse starts.  We get sidetracked (oh yeah, I do too, like everyone else, and have to … Continue Reading



It's as old as the hills: "Just say NO to your negative thoughts." How obvious, yawn. But these little nattering, negativities actually seem to take up space in the living room of your mind. I've lived a pretty long, healthy life so far, with the usual amount of naysayers living … Continue Reading